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Morning sun beams throughs forest.

48 komentarjev in “Morning sun beams throughs forest.”

  1. says:

    Wonderfull play of light and shadow. Well done! (ps Congrats, with the nomination at PB2009)

  2. says:

    What a beautiful light you got there!!!

  3. Robert Kruh says:

    Gert thanks! And good luck to you too!

  4. Mohamadreza says:

    What a great mystic shot, like all those rays of light, well done.

  5. Emilio says:

    Fantastic shot and light, congrats.

  6. Albert says:

    Wonderful light coming through the trees.

  7. Thomas @ says:

    Very nice shot. Nice detail that the “lightsource” is peeking in the top right corner.

  8. Evgeny Pogorelov says:

    Beautiful! Capturing light rays is always tons of fun because the final outcome is flawless. This is a great example of that.

  9. cako says:

    Beautiful lighting, great photo !

  10. Phototherapy says:

    Beautiful light effect in the forest, a classical, but delicious and better with the clarity of snow.

  11. martie says:

    Oh I love it! The light coming into the forest to dance on the snow. Just wonderful!

  12. bluechameleon says:

    The light is exquisite! A beautiful composition…bravo!

  13. Daniel says:

    beautiful light and great b&w treatment.

  14. Titleless » Лес says:

    […] Morning sun beams throughs forest. – Robert Kruh Photoblog No TweetBacks yet. (Be the first to Tweet this post) […]

  15. Maialen says:

    Simply magic… love that atmosphere !

  16. Ivar says:

    Awesome light in this, very exotic.

  17. Zing says:

    Beautiful light, great capture!

  18. Amir says:

    beautiful! i love these snowy scenes

  19. Laurie says:

    The light filtering through the trees is wonderful here.

  20. Mindy says:

    Agree with above. Excellent framing. Breathtaking, but lungs filling with cold air. 🙂

  21. GJC says:

    Wow, amazing. Fine work.

  22. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    Incredibly beautiful. The sunlight and shadowplay creates an exquisite pattern. Fabulously well observed and presented

  23. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Mágica iluminación, muy buen disparo!

  24. Tomaz says:

    Megla! je OK, ker ne pretiravas z kontarstom, ker ga v megli ni. Kot nekateri, ko dramiko delajo i megle. Bi bilo pa zanimivo, ce bi kdaj vpletel kak ziv organizem ali zivljenje v te meglice. (ljudi, zivali)

  25. Robert Kruh says:

    Ko sem gledal to fotko sem na to pomislil, zgleda ta sneg na tleh kot oder, osvetljen z reflektorji … nekaj manjka se strinjam 🙂

  26. don says:

    I like the streaming sunlight which backlights the forest. Very dramatic and attractive shot.

  27. Grouser says:

    You have caught the light here perfectly

  28. John Maslowski says:

    The ambiance is spectacular. A beautiful capture, an ethereal mood. Excellent work!

  29. Photographe Maroc says:

    Very nice black & white photo ! love the way you caught the rays !
    Greetings from Morocco !

  30. paolo says:

    you did a masterpiece with these beams of light. bravo !!!

  31. Helena Paixão says:

    A truly exquisite composition.

  32. XaviH says:

    Hi Robert, a really delicate capture, with those sun rays across the mist.

    Voted on photoblog awards, good luck too!!

  33. Ilan says:

    Wow, that’s wonderful work with those rays of light.
    I love the fact that there is a clearing there, like preparing a set for a great concert of nature, where those rays are the lighting.


  34. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Super! THose rays look like they’re smoking hot!

  35. Otto K. says:

    beautiful capture.

  36. joshi daniel says:

    nice to see the light rays!

  37. Mike Franklin says:

    Nice capture on the sun’s rays….

  38. Eugene Nikiforov says:

    great shot, captured the light just at the right time

  39. Gavin Lyons says:

    This is the reason to get up in the morning – for shots like these. Magic

  40. Tripodhead says:

    This is really a nice shot Robert. Looks as if you were there at the perfect moment. A very nice photo.

  41. quark says:


  42. Klaus says:

    so well captured … amazing

  43. chatty kathy says:

    Wonderful! Almost makes me like winter!

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  45. Pau Blasi says:

    Amazing rays of light. Great photoblog here, consider me subscribed!

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