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Peaceful visit from another World at the Hudicev turn (Devil’s Tower)

Date: 2009-02-19 · Aperture: F/4 · Shutter: 30s · Lens: 23mm · ISO: 100 · Flash: Off · Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

53 comments in “Peaceful visit from another World at the Hudicev turn (Devil’s Tower)”

  1. says:

    Wow, a real encounter of the third kind… Wonderfully captured!

  2. Javier Falcó says:

    Very original. Excellent shot.

  3. Philip says:

    Robert I have to ask if you didnt use the flash how on earth did you get that shadow ?? excellent !!

  4. k@ says:

    I absolutely love that compo with these creative silhouettes !!

  5. ronan says:

    ha ha ha, very good idea and realisation.

  6. Albert says:

    Scary shot; excellent!!!

  7. John Maslowski says:

    Brilliant use of lighting, love the shadows and mysterious mood. Excellent composition.

  8. Albert says:

    Beautiful photography, the process is beautiful, a very good idea.

  9. romina says:

    very mysterious mood you have here. you used the light in a creative way indeed. well done

  10. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Wow this is amazing! :) You met the hunchback of the notre-dame! :) Really intriguin image!

  11. Robert Jones says:

    AMAZING!! This is absolutely fantastic. Great concept and execution. Well done!

  12. Framed and Shot says:

    Like a fairy tale – or a ghost story…..
    Great image!!

  13. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    An exceptional image, simply amazing! Absolutely first class on all levels

  14. Ann says:

    Love the playing with the shadow, it really makes the picture worthwhile

  15. Grouser says:

    Terrific shadow

  16. Ilan says:

    What is that?! That looks like a huge robot holding a grown up by his hand.. What a great silhouette here! :)

  17. Daniel says:

    Love this. Creative use of silhouettes.

  18. Phototherapy says:

    Or David and Goliath!
    Impressive shot, with a lot to say…

  19. Laurie says:

    Impressive! This is excellent. Very powerful.

  20. rhys says:

    Its Nosferatu! A very creative shot, Bravo!

  21. Pere says:

    El efecto conseguido por las sombras es genial. Crea una atmósfera interesante, pero también inquietante. Buen trabajo. Saludos.

  22. Mohammadreza says:

    wow, very impressive shot. creative and original …

  23. don says:

    A fine capture of the light entrance and then enhanced with the person shaking hands with the huge monster! :-) A provocative shot for sure!

  24. giovanni drogo says:

    great idea and perfectly realization!

  25. Thomas @ says:

    Nice play with the shadows. Hunchback of the notre dame… :)

  26. Diane - Daily Walks says:

    Very creative combined with that dramatic lighting! A story has begun….. or is about to end!

  27. Zing says:

    Very creative shot! Nice light and cool shadows.

  28. pooria says:

    I love this , also shadows of the men

  29. Ivar says:

    Great shot, very creative, not sure how you’ve done it, but it is very cool

  30. Ale says:

    I like how you was able to create a frightful view in this nocturnal and a little mysterious shot,it’s very creative… :)

  31. Andrew says:

    The youth and the demon. Great shadow play here, and perfectly chosen location. Excellent.

  32. Philo says:

    Very good idea Mr Jeckyl!

  33. B5 says:

    Ha! That’s excellent!
    when I was a kid I always imagined something like that while passing that tower.

  34. a.h.lex says:

    the big and the small shadow – what for a great compilation! Really nice work. I like your photo!

  35. elaine says:

    excellent excellent!!!!

  36. Simone says:

    I’m impressed…THIS IS A TALE!

  37. Vincenz says:

    Tolle Idee! Muss man erstmal drauf kommen

  38. Cerstin says:

    Wow, superb photostory – like “David meets Goliath”.

  39. Otto K. says:

    ooo, very cool and creative.

  40. CushmoK says:

    Quasimodo ?! très poétique et onirique..

  41. bluechameleon says:

    Wow! This is cool!

  42. Gavin Lyons says:

    that looked like fun doing, nice one :)

  43. says:

    Great work Robert. I like your blog. I’ll be visiting often. :) Keep up…

  44. quark says:

    So very strong, what a fantastic atmosphere ! !

  45. photo restoration retouching says:

    really nice shot, nice mood and tone and an interesting concept

  46. Milena says:

    That looks seriously spooky. :)

  47. walter says:

    wow … very clever and great 😉

  48. Turnbill says:

    Great shot! Love the hunch back silhouette.

  49. Johannes Huss says:

    Nice idea.. and inspiration!

  50. klaus neuner says:

    great photo and idea……

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