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Water reflects the wooden bridge.

Date: 2009-02-24 · Aperture: F/4.5 · Shutter: 30s · Lens: 70mm · ISO: 200 · Flash: Off · Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

43 komentarjev in “Water reflects the wooden bridge.”

  1. Joanna says:

    interesting, this photo is dark, yet very clear, I like it.

  2. Albert says:

    I like the atmosfere and the reflections in the water.

    Great job!!

  3. CushmoK says:

    Great graphical composition.. love details in your black tone.

  4. XaviH says:

    Very nice B&W, with a perturbing atmosphere.

  5. Zing says:

    Interesting shot, nice composition!

  6. Beat says:

    like this b&w some kind of scary athmosphere. well done!

  7. Giovanni says:

    Very fine graphical composition. Love the subtle range of greys. Great work!

  8. says:

    Wonderfull and exeptional composition. So much detail … well done!

  9. veronica says:

    great idea, love the reflections and shadows

  10. 10Fraction says:

    magnificent!!!!!! Great great job

  11. Mohammadreza says:

    interesting shot with great composition …

  12. Phototherapy says:

    Fascinating, I love it a lot, congratulations

  13. Philo says:

    Yes, I like this picture with its shades of gray lines and the lines very graphic! A little oppressive still …

  14. Pere says:

    Has captado un ambiente inquietante y precioso. Muy buen trabajo.

  15. Kippel says:

    I like the composition and atmosphere, and of course this b&w processing. I think those old wood bridges in Slovenia are great for watching and taking pictures!

  16. GJC says:

    Magnificent. The geometry and light are especially pleasing.

  17. flo g says:

    superb black and perturbing atmosphere.. good choice for the frame

  18. bluechameleon says:

    Wow! This has such an incredible mood. Simply amazing composition. Bravo to you!

  19. Elaine- says:

    truly beautiful! such a dreaminess to the picture, i love it!!

  20. Andrew says:

    Excellent find my friend. The lines and reflections are just perfect for B&W tone. Glad you posted this image.

  21. Framed and Shot says:

    Nice cropping. The tight frame works really well on this image!

  22. sherri says:

    I’d be scared in a place like that in person, but I like the image. The pattern and reflection is wonderful.

  23. rem_la says:

    tres beau graphisme !

  24. beanow says:

    Really fascinating image. Great work!

  25. Charles says:

    Belle compo pour une ambiance mystérieuse.

  26. Charles says:

    Belle compo pour une ambiance mystèrieuse

  27. Random Ramblings says:

    Great point of view, I like the dark tones and the softness of the light on the water. Super work.

  28. Mike Paulison says:

    For me, this goes back and for from being graphical with all the lines and close crop to serene with the misty and still, reflective water. Very nice!

  29. DaveB says:

    Interesting B&W shot, nicely done

  30. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    Wow! Beautiful contrast between tranquility and turmoil. The detail on the wooden beams is fantastic as well.

  31. pixeltoko says:

    beautiful shot I love the dark tone setting. thanks for your words on my photoblog!

  32. Simone says:

    Wonderfull black&white…I love this play of lines and shadows! I apologize for my less visits on your site recently.

  33. c o n f l a g r a t i o says:

    My god! Is really a wonderful view of this bridge, so nice reflection and atmosphere indeed. Cheers!

  34. Ilan says:

    What a maze of shapes and colors.. I love this crisscross.
    Nicely spotted! I think it’s one of the most original bridge photos I’ve seen 🙂

  35. John Maslowski says:

    My favorite type of images. Excellent framing of these fascinating wooden posts, especially like the diagonals and reflections. Superb composition and processing.

  36. joe says:

    very cool composition.

  37. Rolf says:

    A dark atmosphere, excellent job!

  38. Marco Marques says:

    Excellent atmosphere. Just love it.

  39. Neergaard says:

    Dark, moody and awesome.

  40. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Great dark tones and excellent how these beams zig-zag across the image!

  41. Mindy says:

    Mysterious mood. Lots of tension as though someone/something is about to appear. Reminds me of a Chris van Allsburg illustration.

  42. denis says:

    Nice and frightening abstract. Fine one !

  43. Jeff says:

    I feel like if I stare to long that a troll will pop up and jump out of my screen and attack:) I love the geometry and the rich composition of this shot. It blends the real and the magical in a single shot. Thanks for posting this one!

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