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In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats. (english proverb)

Date: 2010-03-20 · Aperture: F/1.2 · Shutter: 1/60s · Lens: 85mm · ISO: 100 · Flash: On · Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

84 komentarjev in “In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats. (english proverb)”

  1. Ana Lúcia says:

    😉 I love cats.

  2. Marie says:

    magnifique !

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Wonderful composition; I like the light and these details

  4. Xavi Heredia says:

    A cat? Seems a lion!!! 😉

  5. beanow says:

    Beautiful king cat…:)

  6. Beat says:

    awesome shot so gracefull

  7. Andrey Samolinov says:

    Little lion)))
    Beautiful shot and cat

  8. a.h.lex says:

    this is a nice little tiger and a good photo about him!

  9. nkphoto says:

    we can feel a lot of things through your picture, a mixture of serenity and questions (what is he looking at?), very nice. And F/1,2!!

  10. Oeilonirique says:

    Seen from this profile, the cat’s posture looks lionlike.

  11. Esmeralda Photography says:

    Crouching Cat Hidden Dragon, aha… 🙂

  12. mooch says:

    You really have caught the regal nature of my favourite animal.

    Another definition: Cat; a semi domesticated animal that keeps its owner as a pet.

  13. Soe says:

    Great capture, indeed! Looks so graceful…

  14. Ilan (@ilanbr) says:

    Oh, wow… What a ‘Lion King’!
    I love that blue ‘spot’ – give a great contrast and act like an ‘eye’.

    Missed your works, long time no see 🙂

  15. Fanny says:

    I adore cats…
    Wonderful photo!

  16. Henry says:

    Love the pose, and that look of confidence in cats. Very nice photo.

  17. Gérad Méry says:

    Magnificent the cat becomes wildcat(fawn)

  18. Adela Fonts says:

    Posando con la dignidad de un rey! Una hermosa fotografía!

  19. Andrés says:

    A wonderful portrait!!

  20. JMS* says:

    Beauté féline dans toute sa splendeur.

  21. Rolf says:

    Perfect portrait of this cat and great light.

  22. Mike says:

    Great perspective and setup. The cat looks so large over the crowd at the bottom.

  23. Susan says:

    The light in this is just perfect…wonderful portrait with beautiful color saturation and depth!

  24. Abhijit says:

    It’s a lovely portrait!

  25. Efren Lozano says:

    Very nice F-stop, what a delightful shot this is, almost looks like it’s bigger cousin the lion. Great capture.

  26. Puja says:

    gosh.. this is gorgeous! 🙂

  27. mhaleph says:

    Un superbe félin dans toute sa majesté native.

  28. Omar says:

    rrrrrhhh, rrrrhhhhh…. nice focus

  29. Mirco says:

    Superb Portrait. Love it

  30. Marie says:

    Il est magnifique, superbe photo, bravo.

  31. Joëlle says:

    Une vraie petite merveille, bravo pour ce portrait chatoyant Robert…

  32. Jedna Chwila says:

    oh kitty kitty kitty oh… cute!

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