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The combination of desire, will, and pure intention, creates a point of tension that opens the door of the soul. (jj dewey)

Date: 2010-03-05 · Aperture: F/3.2 · Shutter: 4s · Lens: 23mm · ISO: 100 · Flash: On · Camera: Canon, Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL

47 komentarjev in “The combination of desire, will, and pure intention, creates a point of tension that opens the door of the soul. (jj dewey)”

  1. Tom says:

    Wow, …. the shadow makes the picture. Well done.

  2. tede says:

    Like lost souls who seek to escape their purgatory! I love this picture. Good day.

  3. Angel says:

    Disquieting intriguer and. Excellent blanoc and black.
    Warm greetings

  4. mooch says:

    I lie this, very haunting. Reminds me of the scene on the staris from the Blair Witch Project. Sp-sp-spooky!

  5. PixeLuz says:

    This door is opening and it seems that the soul has many hands, which was not written in the Bible 🙂 I like this creation!

  6. k@ says:

    Cinematic & fabulous !

  7. SOUL AFLAME says:

    An astoundingly brilliantt piece of photography. The inner soul fighting, the real me longing to break free from the shackles of conformity.. shades of madness that is within us all…. Hugely symbolic in my eyes, a superb shot.

  8. Jack Larson says:

    Beautifully done!!

  9. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    This is fantastic!! It reminds me of the X-Files, where people are being abducted by aliens….

  10. mbecher says:

    A little scary, but not too much. Excellent. Like your choice of overall light. I think, I would have made a low key out of this one, but your choice is much better…

  11. Steven says:

    Quite an interesting, yet haunting, image you have captured here. Great use of light.

  12. Elaine- says:

    THAT is a very scary picture!!! i love it!! wish i had taken it …. thank you for your kind words about coco

  13. Otto K. says:

    fantastic image. love this!

  14. Ajay says:

    Spooky and yet very philosophical.

  15. Polydactyle says:

    Bravo! My favorite today. Great work!

  16. John Maslowski says:

    Fabulous image, love the eerie mood you created with this amazing creative composition. Great use of light, along with the hands it creates the mood here.

  17. Omar says:

    wow, very spooky and movingly. I like it.

  18. joshi daniel says:

    so creative and scary! cheers Robert!

  19. Marcie says:

    Haunting..and so very creative. Wonderful!!!

  20. Angelo says:

    Disturbing, but very creative. Bravo

  21. Susan says:

    Hauntingly creative…love the shadows!

  22. Christopher says:

    Very creepy and very cool.

  23. el color de tu mirada says:

    wow … the shadows are amazing … well done !!!

  24. noisycat says:

    very beautiful , good photo , I like
    Bravo pour le sujet très original

  25. beanow says:

    Strong image. Love it!

  26. Laura Abigail says:

    very cool shot! 😀 well done

  27. Andrés says:

    Nice photo. Great idea. Did you let all those ghosts in?

  28. kyungmee says:

    wonderful imagery! Very cool!!!! i love this.

  29. Beat says:

    great work Robert.very creative

  30. paolo says:

    excellent effect, as if that door would keep a number of imprisoned souls inide!

  31. rian says:

    very creative & thought provoking.. wonderful work! 😀

  32. Martín says:

    A disturbing image. Even gives a little scary. I really like the shadows of the door, and of course of the hands, but I especially like the door is slightly open, implying that what is on the other side can come for us!
    Saludos !!!

  33. geneviève says:

    Astoning and yes, a little scary
    simply great !

  34. ronan says:

    wonderfull shot, I like the idea and the realisation, sincerely

  35. Xavi Heredia says:

    Fear or sex? Great shot Robert

  36. Doro says:

    I find this so very inspiring.

  37. Henry says:

    Very arty with the light, contrast and the shadows of the hands. I’ve never seen framing of the subject within a person’s shadow. Fantastic!

  38. Sabine (fokuspoint) says:

    Great concept. I really like it.

  39. Puja says:

    very creative conceptualization..

  40. Charles says:

    Fantastic image. Well done.

  41. yz says:

    fantastic creativity, cool shot

  42. Kevin P. says:

    Une ambiance digne d’A.Hitchcock ! Superbe !

  43. Claus Petersen says:

    Really cool mood here, and very cinematic.

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